Residential complex on Gladkova street | Parametrica architectural bureau
Masterplan, Standard

Residential complex on Gladkova street

Russia, Cheboksary, 2020
Client: JSC “GK System Consolidation”

Stage: master plan, standard
Status: project
Total plot area: 5 ha
Total sellable area: 36,450 m²

The scope of the project included development of a product standard and a master plan. The developer’s product standard includes a catalog of apartments for large-panel housing construction technology.

Floor planning

Depending on the consumer preferences, the developer will be able to apply different floor planning options for each specific project. The new apartment catalog helped develop a masterplan for the residential complex. This made it possible to calculate the technical and economic indicators of the project with high accuracy at an early stage.

Public boulevard

The project’s polycentric master plan creates a comfortable living environment. The residential complex premises include a variety of activity zones: a PlayHub, network of boulevards and bike paths, sports grounds, private courtyards.


The residential complex is located on a slope in a forest area. The recreation zones are spread along the Lakreevsky forest. Pedestrian and bicycle paths throughout the territory of the residential complex were designed to accommodate for various walking scenarios.


In order to compensate for natural terrain elevation, the houses will be constructed on 1 to 2 stories high stylobates, intended for parking, retail and service premises.


The masterplan was designed according to the car-free principle: a 275 car underground parking lot and a 373 car parking lot along the buildings. The total number of parking spaces fully meets the needs of residents and businesses.


  • Plot area: 5 ha
  • Building density factor: 1.1
  • K1 coefficient: 0.85
  • Sellable area: 36,450 m²
  • Total area of apartments: 33,866.5 m²
  • Retail area: 2,583 m²
  • Planned population: 851 people