Standard class residential area in Saratov | Parametrica architectural bureau
Detailed sketch

Standard class residential area in Saratov

Russia, Saratov, 2020
Client: Kronverk

Stage: detailed sketch
Status: project
Total plot area: 2.7 ha
Total sellable area: 62,686 m²

Project objective

Develop planning principles taking into account the developer’s system for the production of large-panel housing construction.


A building block standard was developed using effective cartography, ergonomic layouts, and optimized engineering solutions to provide a greater customer value and a lower project cost.

Facade and engineering solutions

  • Facade solutions based on the 20-80 principle. Higher-quality materials are concentrated on the ground floors are in the zone of direct perception by the residents, while less expensive materials are used higher up.
  • Optimal materials for the project in terms of price-quality ratio.
  • Pre-installed outdoor mounting brackets for AC units.
  • ‍Efficient H2 staircases instead of expensive and inefficient H1 ladder.

Technical and economic efficiency

  • Efficient massing: more attractive technical and economic indicators.
  • Increased total sellable area by placing apartments in part of the building.
  • Ground floor retail and services. Contributes to the rapid infrastructure development and has a positive effect on the average cost per sq.m. in the residential complex.

Apartment layouts

  • Direct layout geometry, functional and spacious apartments.
  • Additional product category: cityhouses — ground floor apartments with a separate entrance, a terrace and an adjacent plot.
  • Warm loggias in the apartments. Additional space to accommodate a work area, a gym or a garden.

Comfortable environment

  • Pedestrian boulevard with a bicycle lane.
  • Various activity zones for residents of different ages.
  • Kindergarten and school. Part of the school recreational functions was moved to the adjacent square.
  • Modern landscaping.
  • Houses of variable height and high-rise dominants create a pleasant architectural profile.
  • Private car-free courtyard. Parking along the streets.
  • Garbage collection areas along local streets.

TEP of the project

  • Plot area: 2.7 ha
  • Residential building area: 5252 m²
  • Sellable area: 62,686 m²
  • Non-residential premises: 2163 m²
  • Planned population: 2269 people