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Common areas should be beautiful, comfortable and functional

Our approach to the design of residential buildings is that common areas should be beautiful, comfortable and functional so that the residents of the house perceive them as an extension of the apartment, including entrances and entrances.

The porch is an important part of the house. This is where daily communication takes place. To make people feel comfortable here, we design spacious and bright entrances.

The entrance to the house is always at ground level

It’s comfortable! Residents do not need to carry bags, heavy items, strollers or bicycles up the stairs. The cost of construction is reduced – there are no costs for the design and construction of additional stairs, ramps. From precipitation, the entrance is protected by a canopy or we deepen the entrance group into the facade of the building.

Transparent entrance group

It creates a sense of security – the entrance is easily visible through the glass entrance group, everyone passing through sees what is happening inside, social control is enhanced.

We design the first floor high

During daylight hours, the entrance is illuminated by natural light through large windows. This technique visually lightens the foundation of the building and makes a change in the relief of the facade.

Entrances straight and through

With quarterly development, the courtyard is the private territory of the residents, and the entrance is the border of private and public space, so we make doors to the courtyard and to the street. Direct corridors simplify navigation inside the entrance.

Special rooms for temporary storage

Designed to store strollers, bicycles and scooters. This streamlines the storage of strollers and bicycles at the entrance, you do not need to lift it to your floor and store it in the apartment.

Entrance interior

An important factor in creating comfort in the entrance: careful selection of finishing materials, color scheme, lighting design. We add furniture, for example, for a comfortable waiting for a taxi or a courier. Interior design depends on the concept and budget of the project.

The use of a complex of design and product solutions for common areas improves the quality of life in the house. This increases the added value of the project and increases the demand for apartments.