In each project, the architects of Parametrica carefully work on the facades | Parametrica architectural bureau

In each project, the architects of Parametrica carefully work on the facades

It is important that each building has an original appearance and maintains the appearance of the quarter. So the quarter does not look monotonous, creates visual dynamics and is easier to navigate.

To achieve such a result and avoid repetition with previous projects, our architects use a combination of facade solutions:

  • Facing. The facades of neighboring houses may differ in finishing materials: plaster, brick, granite and other materials.
  • Changes in the relief of the facade. Local: arches, ledges, notches, cuts and rounding corners. Significant changes: terraces, loggias, balconies.
  • Glazing mesh.
  • Illumination in the dark. Focuses attention on individual elements of the facade. At the same time, the backlight does not interfere with the inhabitants of the house.

We also use basic facade solutions in each project:

  • The 20-80 principle. Higher-quality materials on the first floors are in the zone of direct perception by the residents of the house, and less expensive materials are on the remaining floors of the house. Due to this, the cost of the project is reduced without losing the aesthetics of the facade.
  • Special baskets for placing outdoor units of air conditioners. They maintain a uniform appearance of the facade.

The combination of facade solutions helps to achieve the individuality of the external appearance of each building, laconicism and makes it recognizable against the background of the surrounding buildings.