Storerooms in residential buildings | Parametrica architectural bureau

Storerooms in residential buildings

Multi-storey buildings have underground floors. They contain technical rooms with engineering communications that supply the apartments of the house

  • electricity;
  • warmth;
  • water;
  • ventilation;
  • sewerage.

The dimensions of the underground floor completely repeat the shape of the higher floors. For this reason, most of the technical floor is often empty, because. commercial premises are not allowed. We propose to use the free space of the technical floor more functionally – to place storerooms of various sizes.

This format is in demand as the popularity of studios and apartments with small areas grows. Storerooms allow residents to store seasonal items, sports equipment, tires and wheels, tools. Thanks to the pantries, valuable space is freed up in the apartments, making them more spacious and comfortable to live in.

The presence of storerooms will be an advantage for the project and will attract new buyers. Storerooms in our projects occupy 40–50% of the area of ​​the underground floor. They are provided with a lockable door (steel or mesh) with a lock and lighting. For the developer, storerooms in the project are an increase in the economic performance of the project and additional income.