Beregovoy Microdistrict | Parametrica architectural bureau

Beregovoy Microdistrict

Russia, Penza, 2019
Client: “Risan”

Stage: master plan
Status: project
Total sellable area: 53,853 m²

Project objective

  • Develop a master plan for a 4.53 ha plot with terrain elevation of up to 20 meters.

Landscaping with maximum use of the terrain

The master plan includes a single pedestrian route with a center for leisure activities for residents next to a boat station. The terraced boulevard network provides a variety of options for leisure activities: sports, recreation and creative zones. For ease of movement, all footpaths are equipped with smooth and gentle slopes, including those leading to the waterfront.

Placement of houses with the maximum number of viewpoints

The meridional arrangement of sections provides beautiful panoramas to the maximum number of apartments. The apartment windows are overlooking the water front.

Retail infrastructure on the first line of development

Commercial areas are designed to face a busy street and are located in a high traffic area; external pedestrian traffic and passages to the main boulevard are directed towards the boat station.

Private pedestrian courtyards

Each urban block and tower features its own fenced area, creating a private and safe space for the comfort of the residents. Various recreation areas for children and adults have been organized. Car free pedestrian courtyards are accessible only by emergency and service vehicles. Public parking lots are located on designated premises next to the buildings.

Height variation and effective number of stories

The architectural discharged rhythm forms a visually pleasant perspective of the area. At the same time, high-rise dominants among mid-rise buildings provide good insolation for yards as well as the sunlight in apartments.

Original architectural solution

The facades of the towers are rotated by 35° relative to the stylobate, keeping the even profile of the city street. The number of apartments with better view characteristics has increased, avoiding the “window to window” view.

Maintaining balance in the types of territories

The Beregovoy microdistrict is filled with various types of territories: private, public, sports & recreation areas and pet-walking trails. Thoughtful interaction with the surrounding space accomodates comfortable living and blends seamlessly into the existing context.