Bravo Residential complex | Parametrica architectural bureau
Masterplan, Schematic design

Bravo Residential complex

Russia, Sterlitamak, 2019–2020
Client: GK Rikom

Stage: master plan, schematic design
Total project area: 20,901.45 m²
Total sellable area: 18,225.93 m²
Number of apartments: 277

Project objectives

  1. Create a new product for a developer with high liquidity and marginality using modern product and design architectural solutions
  2. Develop two multi-story comfort-class towers united by a commercial stylobate
  3. Form the architectural dominant of the area by organically embedding the project in the surrounding buildings

Implemented design solutions

  1. Practical architectural and planning solutions
  2. Straight facade
  3. Exclusive ground floor finishing materials
  4. No technical floor
  5. No attic on the roof
  6. Storage in the underground floor
  7. No pits in the basement
  8. Effective number of stories
  9. Compact engineering core
  10. Convenient public areas
  11. Recessed entrance group
  12. Ground level entrance
  13. SML housing for quick sales

Implemented product solutions


  1. Proper apartment ergonomics
  2. Possibility of redevelopment
  3. Large windows
  4. Warm loggias
  5. Apartments with terraces
  6. Pre-installed outdoor mounting brackets for AC units


  1. Warm H2 staircase
  2. Beautiful facade
  3. Convenient public areas
  4. Direct entry from the street to the courtyard
  5. Ground level entrance
  6. Few apartments per floor
  7. No garbage chute
  8. Hotel engineering principle


  1. Private  car-free courtyard
  2. Ground level entrance
  3. Few apartments per floor


  1. Private courtyard
  2. Ground level entrance