Comfort-class residential building in Cheboksary | Parametrica architectural bureau
Project documentation, Schematic design

Comfort-class residential building in Cheboksary

Russia, Cheboksary, 2020
Client: JSC “GK System Consolidation”

Stage: Schematic design, development of project and working documentation
Status: project
Total plot area: 5 ha
Total sellable area: 36,450 m²

Project objectives

  1. Improve an existing home project with better product and design solutions
  2. Cut project costs

Implemented project solutions

  1. Increased sellable area
  2. Straight facade
  3. Roof without technical room and attic
  4. Efficient H2 staircases instead of expensive and inefficient H1
  5. Effective number of stories
  6. Compact engineering core
  7. Convenient public spaces
  8. Ground level entrances
  9. SML housing for quick sales

Implemented product solutions


  1. Proper apartment ergonomics
  2. Warm loggias
  3. Apartments with terraces
  4. Increased area of the river view apartments
  5. Pre-installed outdoor mounting brackets for AC units.


  1. Modern façade with an original design
  2. Ground level entrances – no porches or ramps
  3. Orientation towards the Volga river
  4. Spacious entrance group recessed into the building facade
  5. Warm H2 staircases
  6. No garbage chute


  1. Supermarket and pharmacy
  2. Designated places for signage

Thanks to the new project, the developer will be able to cut costs by 50 million rubles and increase profits by 26%, as well as create a better and more appealing product.