El-Park Residential complex | Parametrica architectural bureau
Schematic design

El-Park Residential complex

Address: Krasnoyarsk

Year: 2022
Floors: 19
Customer: «Krasnoyarsk DOK» JSC
Stage: Master plan, Schematic design, Boulevard landscaping concept

Total plot area: 30 ha
Total sellable area: 278,506 m²

Schematic design:
Total plot area: 1.96 ha
Total sellable area: 40,736 m²

The concept of the residential complex is based on modern architectural trends. Subtle volumes of the towers standing on one stylobate create a compact residential complex that houses all the necessary facilities for comfortable living environment. The facade solutions in combination with evening lighting convey the architectural concept of the residential complex.

The building  consists of four towers united by a stylobate. The configuration of the structuresforms a quiet and comfortable environment, protecting the residents from external noise. The public areas on the premises contribute to the social interaction of residents. The courtyard is located on the roof of the stylobate and features several play areas for children of different ages.