Hotel in Sudak | Parametrica architectural bureau
Schematic design

Hotel in Sudak

Address: Sudak
Year: 2023
Plot area:28.48 ha
Phase: Schematic design

According to the development concept of Sudak, tourism should help turn the city it into one of the centers of world culture, domestic and international tourism.

The site is conditionally divided into three zones. Zone one is a hotel with driveways, parking and loading docks. The second zone is a public area with a landscaped park, swimming pools, a playground and a sports ground. The third zone consists of cottages with private swimming pools and landscaping.

The hotel features two public, one technical and five residential floors as well as a restaurant. Each room has a spacious balcony with a sea view.

The cottages are designed in minimalistic style mimicing the facades of the hotel builidng.