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Project documentation

AIST Residence

Apartment complex in Moscow, 10D Nametkina st.

Address: 10D Nametkina st., Moscow
Year: 2022
Plot area: 0.54 ha
Building area: 0.39 ha
Total area of the object: 60,892.17 m2
Floors: 30
Customer: «MonArch-UKS» LLC
Phase: Design development and Construction Documents

Nametkina st. apart-hotel located in the South-West of Moscow is a unique project in terms of design and implemented solutions. The project was implemented on a 0.5 ha plot of land and consists of 30 floors as well as 3 underground floors. The building houses 754 apartment rooms, commercial premises for various purposes and underground parking lot with a total area of 60,892.17 m2.

One of the challenges of the project is the pre-existing structure that was located on the site. The architects of Parametrica were faced with the task of inscribing new space-planning solutions into the pre-existing construction, accounting for varying elevation.

Another distinguishable features of the project is the design of the facades of the upper (cross-shaped) part of the building. The design was created in cooperation with Vladimir Plotkin, the Chief Architect of TPO “Reserve”. The rhythmic pattern, consisting of vertical and horizontal stripes of different shades of gray, emphasizes the building’s unique proportions and accentuates the contrast between different surfaces. The lower part of the building is an irregularly shaped stylobate. The facades of this part consist of dark panels and large stained-glass structures.