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About us

The architectural bureau Parametrica was established in 2017.
Our goal is to create a high-quality and competitive product for our customers. We set new quality standards for design and product solutions.

Bureau Parametrica is in constant motion. In our work, we take into account modern trends in the field of architecture, construction, design and software.

An experience

For 5 years, our portfolio has been replenished with numerous projects of varying complexity:
from the design of residential buildings to projects in areas with high seismic activity and integrated development of territories.

We cooperate with international architectural bureaus: we exchange experience, we involve in the implementation of complex projects.

25 000 000 m²
1 500 000 m²
up to 30%
the cost
of the project
17 standards
1 000 000 m²
and working
by 10%
or more we increase
the marginality
of the project


Own software

Bureau Parametrica has developed its own software – Urbanbot.
The program changes the approach to design and financial analysis.

Urbanbot analyzes the sites and creates draft designs within the project budget, solves the problem of project overestimation. Saves time – financial calculations are automatically generated based on the best combinations and scenarios.

 By 50% 
reduced design cost

Design time
 up to 2 month 

Calculation of project economics
 in 10 minutes 

Now we have automated the 1st and 2nd design stages: master plan and detailed concept (facades). Our global goal is to fully automate design processes by combining 4 stages into one, and reduce the design time to 1 month.


We use BIM at all stages of design: detailed concept, design and working documentation.


Our team consists of more than 150 like-minded professionals:

  • architects;
  • designers;
  • engineers;
  • designers;
  • programmers.

Most of our specialists have many years of experience in leading organizations in the field of design, creation and development of a development product, as well as teaching experience in architectural universities.

The structure of the bureau has its own departments:

  • R&D;
  • software;
  • parametric modeling.

The internal processes of the company are debugged through the CRM system. For each project, a new technological map is created, thanks to which we perform work according to the schedule approved by the contract.

Ivan Sukhikh
Founder, methodologist

Parametrica Values

and design solutions

Calculation and management
project cost
 (design by cost) 

Friendly environment,
ergonomics of layouts
 (human oriented) 

Design under
the developer’s technologies,
process automation

Our advantages

1. We increase the margin of the project by 10% or more

2. Standardization of design solutions

It helps to reduce the time to enter the construction site by 2 times, reduce the cost of the project by up to 30%. The high quality of the product is maintained.

3. We use our own and third-party software products

Own developments allow us to automate design processes, calculate accurate economic indicators at all stages, manage project economics, and significantly reduce terms.

4. We design in BIM

We work in Revit, Dynamo, В-processor, ArchiCAD, Allplan, Rhinoceros, Vectorworks, Tekla, Solibri, Navisworks, LIRA-SAPR programs. Project teams collaborate with customers in BIM 360.

5. We create product value for the end consumer

We apply advanced architectural, design, design and product solutions.

6. We form the product

We help the customer to formulate all the requirements for the future project.

7. Search for optimal solutions for project implementation

We take into account urban planning restrictions, landscape features of the place, architectural and cultural traditions, as well as the financial capabilities of the project.

8. Integrated development of the territory

We design neighborhoods and microdistricts for comfortable and active living: assessment of TEPs, site selection, development of a master plan, architectural concept, design and working documentation, expertise, architectural supervision.

9. Experienced team of specialists

10. We comply with the deadlines for the implementation of work according to the approved schedule.

Internal business processes are debugged through the CRM system.