Depo Microdistrict | Parametrica architectural bureau

Depo Microdistrict

Russia, Penza, 2019
Client: “Risan”

Stage: master plan
Status: project
Total sellable area: 74,211 m²

Project objectives

  1. Develop a master plan for a 6.81 ha site
  2. Industrial site redevelopment project for a “Standard +” class residential complex
  3. 72 300 m² sellable area
  4. Retail street frontage

The architectural discharged rhythm of the “Depo” project forms a pleasant perspective of the area, that commensurates with a human being. High-rise dominants in the general concept of number of stories (10-16 floors) provide insolation of courtyards and sunlit apartments. The chosen solution for the number of stories cuts the unnecessary costs for additional common areas and stair-elevator units construction.

The main axis of the neighborhood is a pedestrian boulevard, connected by a network of footpaths with various recreational areas.

Functional zones are evenly distributed throughout the microdistrict. The sites are placed taking into account their functional features and noise levels.

The core of the microdistrict is a large Play Hub (play area), designed for children of different ages. The property also features separate areas for sports and recreation, as well as a dedicated Dog Park. A set of different activity zones contributes to the active formation of a community of residents.

The commercial areas of the first floors of the microdistrict are oriented towards a busy city street and a pedestrian boulevard.

The “Depo” microdistrict is separated from the neighboring territory by a parking lot, surrounded by trees forming a “green cap”. This protects the microdistrict from car exhausts and dust while contributing to the overall aesthetics.

The implementation of the project is planned in several stages so as not to disturb the already existing residents. Each stage of the project includes not only the construction of residential buildings, but also creation of recreational zones and public spaces. This approach helps increase the added value of the project at each next stage of development.

TEP of the project

  • K1 coefficient (the ratio of the sold area to the total area): 0.85
  • Building spot area: 6.81 ha
  • Total sellable area: 74,211 m²
  • Total area of apartments: 70,276.5 m²
  • Retail area: 3,935 m²
  • Planned population: 1281 people