New York Quarter | Parametrica architectural bureau

New York Quarter

Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, 2020
Client: Elite House

Stage: master plan
Status: project
Total sellable area: 65,425 m²
Class: comfort

The idea of the project is to construct a self-sufficient and convenient residential area. The New York quarter seeks to borrow the values from the original financial capital of the USA: full-fledged, dynamic and comfortable life.

Project objectives

Develop a master plan for a plot of 2.3 ha and propose a concept for a multifunctional comfort-class residential area with a reference to the style of New York City. Place 60 thousand sq.m. of sellable area taking into account the elevation changes and seismic activity in the area.


  • Monocentric landscaping: the main boulevard runs through the quarter and connects various residential facilities: workout zones, playgrounds for children of different ages, recreation areas for adults
  • Dominating the complex are the two 16-story towers on a stylobate with access to the main street
  • Classic New York style facades

Private courtyard

  • The courtyard is located on the roof of the parking lot
  • Gated residents-only community for maximum safety and security.
  • Accessible only to service vehicles
  • Two-story inserts between the towers – a children’s club


  • Operated roof
  • ‍Fireplaces in the apartments on the upper floors
  • ‍Terraces with access to the courtyard in the first floor apartments
  • A warm circuit loggia and optional access to a French balcony in every apartment


  • Dedicated space for gyms, commercial and retail services
  • Large two-story cafe accessible both from the courtyard and from the street
  • Terraces on the roof of a retail outlet overlooking the main street

Technical and economic indicators

  • Building footprint: 13,528 m²
  • Sellable area: 65 425 m²
  • Total area of apartments: 55,500 m²
  • Retail area: 6,700 m²
  • Planned population: 1,850 people
  • Residential building area: 5,731 m²