Pokrovsky Residential complex | Parametrica architectural bureau

Pokrovsky Residential complex

Russia, Izhevsk, 2020
Client: GC “KomosStroy”

Stage: masterplan
Status: project
Total plot area: 6.84 ha
Total sellable area: 89,645 m²

The main idea of ​​the project was the formation of a comfortable internal environment and favorable view characteristics for the residents of the complex. The turn of the towers provides the greatest viewing angles of the forest and public areas within the residentail complex and provides privacy with no overlooking windows.

Much attention in the “Pokrovsky” residential complex is paid to the development of public spaces. The complex features a boulevard, surrounded by various facilities: sports and recreation zones, children playgrounds. Retail services are also oriented towards the boulevard.

Pedestrian-oriented neighborhood

Comfortable walking scenario for residents and safe playgrounds for children. The district inner premises are car-free and designed for pedestrian traffic only.

Public boulevard

The main recreation area and a platform for social events. The exits from all courtyards are united by a single communication space for the residents of the complex. The commercial infrastructure of the ground floors is focused on the pedestrian boulevard.

Variation in height and effective number of stories

The architectural discharged rhythm forms a pleasant perspective of the area. At the same time, high-rise dominants in the general concept of mid-rise buildings provide good insolation for yards and sunlight in apartments.


The parking lot separates the building from the neighboring territory. Trees, planted in a checkerboard pattern serve as a natural barrier, benefit the local environment and even protect the parking lot pavement from overheating in the summer.

Phasing steps self-sufficiency

Phasing is the sequence of project implementation stages. The project allows uniform implementation of all types of recreational areas simultaneously with the construction stages. At the same time, the already existing residents will not be disturbed with the ongoing construction. In the future, the development of the district implies an increase in added value at each next stage of construction.

TEP of the project

  • Plot area: 6.84 ha
  • Building spot density: 0.85
  • Sellable area: 89 645 m²
  • Total area of apartments: 87 172 m²
  • Retail area: 2473 m²
  • Planned population: 2906 people