Quarter 112 | Parametrica architectural bureau

Quarter 112

Address: Yakutsk
Year: 2019
Plot area: 8.62 ha
Building spot area: 2.86 ha
Total area of the object: 100 314 m2
Client: AEB Capital
Stage: Masterplan

The Quarter 112 project master plan has been developed to accommodate 100,000 m² of housing, 2,000 m² of retail facilities and a kindergarten for 350 children. In addition to the master plan for a 8.6 ha plot, the scope of the project included a development concept, an architectural design, planning and landscaping projects.

The architectural discharged rhythm forms a pleasant perspective of the area. The facades of the towers are rotated by 35° relative to the stylobate, maintaining the even profile of the city street. At the same time, high-rise dominants among mid-rise buildings provide good insolation for yards and sunlight in apartments. The meridional arrangement of sections provides beautiful panoramas to the maximum number of apartments.

Each urban block and tower has its own fenced area, creating a private and safe space for residents to stay comfortably. Various recreation areas for children and adults have been organized. Pedestrian yards without car access, except for emergency services and official vehicles. Parking lots have been removed from the yards next to the houses.