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A set of works on the design of the building, which determines the functional zoning, layout, appearance, design and engineering solutions for the future facility.

The detailed concept serves as the basis for the development of project documentation.
Our experience in developing detailed concepts spans over 700,000 m2. When creating a detailed concept, Bureau Parametrica applies effective design and product solutions. Design solutions can reduce the cost of the project up to 40%.

The applied design solutions are controlled by efficiency factors:

  • architectural and planning solutions
  • constructive solutions
  • facade
  • engineering
  • parking lot

Design solutions increase the added value of the project by 20%:

  • ergonomics of apartment layouts
  • facade aesthetics
  • convenience of MOS and elevators
  • modern landscaping
  • secure private courtyard
  • comfortable multi-storey houses
  • operated roof
  • first floor terraces
  • social and cultural facilities

Stages of detailed concept development

1. Preparation

Collection, analysis and systematization of initial data on the projected object: urban planning (site outline, building landing, TEP), technical solutions, marketing (apartment design, availability of retail, etc.).
Formation of detailed terms of reference with the participation of the customer.
Duration: 2 weeks

2. Development

Development of plans, facades, principal sections, master plan schemes. TEP calculation.
Duration: 4 weeks

3. Detailing

Visualization. Creation of the final album.
Duration: 2 weeks

  • The detailed concept developed by Bureau Parametrica is a high-quality study of the project and the absence of errors at the stage of development of project documentation.
  • The final result will fully meet the requirements of the customer and have highly competitive advantages.
Masterplan, Schematic design
Rowing canal embankment in Nizhny Novgorod
Masterplan, Project documentation, Schematic design
Milashenkova 6
Module, Schematic design
Modular municipal building
Module, Project documentation, Schematic design
Modular residential complex
Project documentation, Renovation, Schematic design
Cheremushki renovation apartment complex
Masterplan, Project documentation, Schematic design
Residential complex in Sayanogorsk
Schematic design
Hotel in Sudak
Project documentation, Schematic design
Comfort-class residential building in Cheboksary
Project documentation, Schematic design
Symphony Residential complex
Masterplan, Schematic design
Bravo Residential complex

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