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This is a strategy for spatial development of the territory. The purpose of developing a master plan is to form a clear model for project implementation, taking into account the main KPIs.

A ready-made master plan is a product that combines the interests of different parties that may conflict with each other:

  • The interests of the city administration in relation to the development of this territory
  • A developer looking for profit
  • An architect who wants to be proud of his project
  • Builders advocating strict compliance with regulations
  • A client who would like to live in comfort
  • Residents of the city, who rightly believe that new development should not spoil the already established way of life in their area

Our Masterplan Development Principles

Stages of masterplan development

1. Preparation

Collection, analysis and systematization of the initial data of the projected territory and the surrounding context
Duration: 2 weeks

2. Development

Development of a strategy for the development of the territory with the maximum disclosure of potential
Duration: 4 weeks

3. Detailing

Detailing of the selected version of the development master plan. Development of accompanying and illustration materials
Duration: 2 weeks

  • Up to 80% of the cost of the project is formed at the stage of masterplan development.
  • The master plan, developed by the architectural bureau Parametrica, is a well-formed product, based on the developer’s product tasks and the characteristics of the building area.
  • You get a project with a high added value with a ready-made set of spatial, operational and logistics solutions. Our masterplans take into account the interests of all project stakeholders.
Masterplan, Schematic design
Rowing canal embankment in Nizhny Novgorod
Masterplan, Project documentation, Schematic design
Milashenkova 6
Masterplan, Project documentation, Schematic design
Residential complex in Sayanogorsk
New York Quarter
Quarter 112
Masterplan, Schematic design
Bravo Residential complex

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