Parametrica architectural bureau
Full cycle architectural bureau.
We create smart products for developers based on IT technologies.
Masterplan, Schematic design
Rowing canal embankment in Nizhny Novgorod
Masterplan, Project documentation, Schematic design
Residential complex in Moscow
Module, Schematic design
Modular municipal building in Moscow
Residential two-story house built with reinforced concrete modules
Masterplan, Project documentation, Schematic design
Residential complex in Sayanogorsk
Schematic design
Apartment complex in Abkhazia
Schematic design
Hotel in Sudak
Project documentation
Business class residential complex in Moscow
Schematic design
El-Park Residential complex
Residential complex in Moscow region
Bravo Residential complex - two comfort class multi-story towers in the city of Sterlitamak, united by a stylobate, accomodating shops and retail. The towers are the architectural dominant of the area, organically embedding the project in the existing architectural ensemble
Schematic design
Residential building in Kirov


Strategy of spatial development of the territory. The purpose of developing a master plan is to form a clear model for project implementation, taking into account the main KPIs.

A set of works on the design of the building, which determines the functional zoning, layout, appearance, design and engineering solutions for the future facility.

Development of design and working documentation.

Improvement of the development product, reduction of costs and design time.

A new approach to project design and financial analysis.

We create a product that is valuable for the customer and the end user

Innovative approach

We apply advanced architectural, design, design and product solutions.

Optimization and standardization

We find the best solutions for the implementation of the project. We take into account urban planning restrictions, landscape features, architectural and cultural traditions, as well as the financial resources of the project. Standardization of design solutions reduces the time to the construction site by 2 times, reduces the cost of the project by up to 30%, and maintains the high quality of the product.

Process Automation

We use our own and third-party software products. Own developments automate design processes, calculate accurate economic indicators at each stage, manage project economics, and reduce design time.

Full design cycle

We design quarters and microdistricts on a turnkey basis for comfortable and active living: TEP assessment, site selection, development of a master plan, architectural concept, design and working documentation, expertise, architectural supervision.

Efficient Productology: Principles of Ideal Yards

The developer’s effective productology, which Parametrica is working on, includes several sections: an effective master plan, functional apartments, and comfortable courtyards. Ivan Sukhikh, the founder of the bureau, often talks about master plans at seminars and conferences, and his book about effective planning will soon be published. Read more

Development is technology!

Development is not just pretty pictures. This is technology!
The development of the market inevitably leads to increased competition, the exactingness of the consumer is growing. The market for new buildings is no exception, especially in recent years of active lawmaking in this area. If 5-10 years ago the state of the industry allowed the developer to make many mistakes, today the requirements for business processes are becoming stricter. Managers have to “dry up” costs, while not just maintaining, but improving the characteristics of the proposed product. Ivan Sukhikh, the founder and methodologist of the Parametrica architectural bureau, tells what the solution to this dual problem can be. Read more

Why do we use H2 staircases instead of H1 in our projects?

The presence of smoke-free stairs is a prerequisite for buildings higher than 28 meters. Smoke-free stairs are designed to serve as an emergency exit for people. Read more

Storerooms in residential buildings

Multi-storey buildings have underground floors. They contain technical rooms with engineering communications that supply the apartments of the house Read more

How have crises and epidemics affected architecture and the approach to construction?

What is happening now in the architecture of new districts (COTs)? Why are they not functional? And what’s so good about them? Read more

In each project, the architects of Parametrica carefully work on the facades

It is important that each building has an original appearance and maintains the appearance of the quarter. So the quarter does not look monotonous, creates visual dynamics and is easier to navigate. Read more

We adhere to our own principles of creating a comfortable space for living

Thanks to this, a balance is maintained between the quality of the environment and the building density, which is set by the economics of the project. Today we will talk about quarterly buildings and variable number of floors. Read more

Common areas should be beautiful, comfortable and functional

Our approach to the design of residential buildings is that common areas should be beautiful, comfortable and functional so that the residents of the house perceive them as an extension of the apartment, including entrances and entrances. Read more